About us

We are your C20160925_205155ommunity Association, made up of you, your neighbors, and hundreds of other families. Led by a group of dedicated volunteers, and with hundreds more who contribute throughout the year, we are committed to organizing and promoting community activities, to encouraging and enabling involvement of residents in issues which affect our community, and to representing the interests of the community in dealing with government and other organizations. The Board of Directors meet once in each month.
The Skyview Ranch Community Association produces a monthly newsletter(Cloud)321 to all residents in the community. It provides residents with up-to-date information about our programs, activities and upcoming events.
The City of Calgary invites our Community Association to make comments regarding any Planning applications and Development permit applications in our neighborhood. The Board of Directors welcomes input from our residents on such matters. Our Community Liaison Officer (CLO) from the City of Calgary Police Department is a regular visitor to our monthly board meetings, updating us on crime statistics and other important matters relating to our community.